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Need some help? Drop a message below and our Admission Department shall respond within next 6 hours.


Need some help? Drop a message below and our Admission Department shall respond within next 6 hours.


The nursing course offers training for medical aspirants to prepare them to be nurses and paramedical staff. For the students who want to pursue this option of medical education, there are different fields they can choose from the specializations such as adult nursing, child nursing, mental health nursing, disabilities nursing, etc.

Nursing is one of the most sought-after courses at Uzhhorod National Medical University. It provides the best training in the arena of nursing and patient care. There is an opportunity to upskill at Uzhhorod National Medical University on the following topics: Acute care, critical care, and outpatient care, and more. Our graduates are highly qualified and skilled to face crisis scenarios.

Proper guidance is provided to our students by our faculty. Students are given perfect nursing training for them to face real challenges in the world. The graduates acquire a diploma in nursing after the completion of the program.

Following courses are offered under Nursing-

  • ADN – Junior Specialist Program: 2 year program ( Advanced Diploma in Nursing)
  • BSN – Bachelor Degree Program: 4 year program ( Bachelors of Science in Nursing)
  • MSN – Master Degree Program: 2 year program ( Masters of Science in Nursing)
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Step 1: Application for eligibility:

Student needs to fill up the application form and apply with scanned copies of international passport, all educational documents & birth certificates. The University will verify the documents and application form.

Step 2: Application for Invitation:

After the verification of documents and application form, the University will send a scanned copy of the Admission / Eligibility letter. After receiving the letter, the student needs to apply for the Invitation Letter.

Step 3: VISA:

With the Invitation Letter student can apply for a visa to the Ukraine Embassy in their country. For the Visa, the student needs to apply with a few required documents.

Step 4: Arrival:

After getting the visa student must send the scan copy of the Visa & flight details to the admission office before one week of arrival. One of the representatives from our University will pick up the student from the student.

Step 5: Documentations:

After the arrival of the student at the university, he/she needs to submit all the documents & university fees.