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Need some help? Drop a message below and our Admission Department shall respond within next 6 hours.


Need some help? Drop a message below and our Admission Department shall respond within next 6 hours.

Events & Conferences

International Medical Conference
25th Anniversary Celebration of International Medical Students' Conference Cracow, Poland International Students' Conference of Medical Sciences aims to provide a valuable opportunity to students from all around the world and offer them an international platform to present the results of their research work on various themes in the field of medical science and to discuss them with well renowned scientists and researchers.
International Medical Students Conference 2017
The IMSC is a review of scientific output of medical students and a competition for the best paper presented as a scientific reports that are evaluated by the jury, whose members are invited by the organizational committee which is appointed by the Board of Students` Scientific Society of the Jagiellonian University Medical College. Read More
19 December
V Ukrainian correspondence scientific-practical conference "Innovations in Teaching Special Education" Correspondence V Ukrainian Scientific Conference "Pedagogical innovations in professional education" University Department of Education and Psychology State University "Uzhhorod National University" invites you to participate in the correspondence V Ukrainian scientific conference "Pedagogical innovations in professional education." The event will take place on December 19, 2014 in the State University "Uzhhorod National University". The aim of the conference - to discuss pedagogical, psychological and social problems of modern vocational education. Thematic areas of work (section):
  • General questions of modern education and self-education
  • The pedagogical, psychological and social principles of special education
  • Innovative technology training and education of young people
  • Experience and results of research activities in educational institutions
  • The Bologna process and the education system in Ukraine

Coordinators of the organizing committee:
Popadych Elena, Tatiana D. Yakymovych
Telephone: (066) 204-75-94, (050) 555-02-21.
More - in the newsletter.

15 December
Preparing to print the next issue of the periodical "International Scientific Journal" Educational and Research Institute Integration Studies prepares to print the next issue of the periodical "International Scientific Journal" (editor - Director of Assoc. I.V.Artomov). The publication of material in the book is free. Its scope of distribution of national and foreign. Subjects in this issue of the collection, production of which is scheduled for December 2014, is the reform of higher education in Ukraine and its integration into the European educational space in the context of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education". For publication in the collection of previously unpublished accepted copyrighted material doctors and candidates of sciences, graduate, masters, experts in the field of higher education, other researchers and students, are containing new theoretical and practical results of research in the following areas:

Internationalization of Higher Education of Ukraine as a prerequisite for European integration;

Innovative university as a basis for the modernization of higher education in Ukraine;

Priorities reforming higher education in accordance with the terms of socially-oriented economy;

Introduction of innovative technologies in the activity of higher education institutions;

Modernization of educational programs - an important part of European quality of education;

Adapting the legal basis of higher education Ukraine to the requirements of the information society;

Peculiarities of teaching methods in the context of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education";

Optimization of the network of higher education institutions and restructuring of higher education - a necessary precondition for integration into the European educational space;

Providing advanced nature of educational services and university training of highly qualified personnel;

Practice of local higher education institutions for integration into European and global educational space.


Articles submitted for publication in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian.

Materials and notice information about authors and their contact details should be sent to the email address inst-euroint@uzhnu.edu.ua

The order of registration papers as required by WAC Ukraine to the articles.

The person responsible for receiving material for publication - Moza Andrey, PhD, MT 0504320694.

Editors host materials by 15 December 2014.

5 December

International Scientific Conference

"Problems of sustainable development of economy of Ukraine in terms of the integration process"

m. Uzhhorod , 5-6 December 2014

The purpose of the conference: The conference is held for the purpose of comprehensive scientific review of current economic issues involving the efforts of researchers, graduate students from all over Ukraine and other countries, researching the sustainable economic development of Ukraine in terms of the integration process.

The form of: remote.

Conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish and Slovak.

To participate in an international conference invited scholars, graduate students, university students and research institutions and practitioners from Ukraine and other countries that are actively engaged in research in the field of Economics.

The conference is planned to work the following sections:
  • Economic theory and history of economic thought.
  • World Economy and International Economic Relations.
  • Economics and management of national economy.
  • Economics and management of enterprises (by economic activity).
  • The development of productive forces and regional economy.
  • Innovation and investment activity.
  • Environmental Economics and Environmental Protection.
  • Demography, labor economics, social economics and politics.
  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit.
  • Money, finance and credit.
  • Finance and tax policy.
  • Mathematical methods, models and information technology in the economy.
  • Statistics.
  • Marketing.
  • Modern management.
  • Logistics and transport.

Persons interested in participating in the international conference should send an email to the organizing committee to 3 December 2014 (inclusive) the following documents:


Scanned electronic copy of proof of payment of the registration fee;

fill in the on-line application for participation.

The file name must match the name of the presenting with instructions for abstracts - Proceedings, proof of payment of the registration fee - fee.

For example: Trotsenko_Tezy, Trotsenko_Vnesok.

Email organizing committee: conf@ieir.Uzhhorod .ua

Informational Writing (n.)

Newsletter (Ukr.)

Category: Faculty of International Relations

5 December

Term studies in Poland

Announces a set on term studies in Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk (Poland) for 1-3 year students following faculties: historical, tourism and international komuntsikatsiy, social sciences, engineering, information technology and biological.

Applications for participation must fill to December 5, 2014 (for reference)

More detailed information is available in the department of international scientific and educational cooperation - Pl. People, 3 room. 36 (Administration State University "uzhnu"), tel. 61-33-32.

Office of International Science and Educational cooperation

Category: double degree programs

4 December

Online lecture Faculty of Policy and Management University. Mykolas Romerisa (m. Vilnius, Lithuania)

On Thursday, December 4, at 15.00, in the conference room uzhnu (st. Zankovetskoy, 89) will take place online lecture Faculty of Policy and Management University of Mykolas Romerisa (m. Vilnius, Lithuania) on "Public governance and public service : modern European trends, experience of Lithuania. "We invite all interested students and staff uzhnu.

The lecture will last hour.

3 December

Scientific conference praktychka

The concept of tax system reform in Ukraine

Dear friends!

We invite you to participate in a scientific conference to reform the tax system and reducing tax, which will be held on 3 December.

Venue:. Uzhhorod State University "Uzhhorod National University", pl. 3 People, Great Hall (building university administration).

Time: 12 to 18 hours.

Participation in the conference is free.

Information from the reports will be released specialized collection.

A unique event for Transcarpathia - the ability to change our future with you better.

The conference - finding solutions on actual problems of modern Ukraine's tax system, establishing contacts between business - science - state, sharing the gathered results and research experience.

Organizing Committee:

Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Miklovda VP, Ph.D., professor, corresponding member. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Head of Department of Business Economics, State University "uzhnu",.

Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Slyusarenko VE, Ph.D., Assoc., Lecturer in accounting and auditing State University "uzhnu."

Serzhanov VV, Ph.D., Assoc., Acting Dean of Faculty of Economics, State University "uzhnu."

Y.YA. Danko, Ph.D., professor. Head of the Department of Accounting and Auditing, State University "uzhnu."

Vartsaba VI, Ph.D., prof., Head of Finance and Banking, State University "uzhnu."

Hymynets VV, Ph.D., Assoc., Lecturer in International Economic Relations, State University "uzhnu."

Hoblyk VV, PhD, Assoc., Honored Economist of Ukraine, Vice-Chancellor State University "Moscow State University".

Papp VV, Ph.D., Assoc., Acting rector for scientific and pedagogical State University "Moscow State University".

Making taxes together!


Slyusarenko Victoria E.
Tel .: (050) 665-37-28
e-mail: viktoorija@mail.ru
Michael S. Popovich
Tel .: (097) 299-65-38
e-mail: mishullya@gmail.com


Category: Conferences and Seminars

November 27

Meeting of the Academic Council of State University "Uzhhorod National University"

The concept of tax system reform in Ukraine


the Academic Council of State University "uzhnu"

on November 27, 2014

(15.00, Hall of the Academic Council)

1. Report on the selection committee in 2014 and tasks for 2015. Working Group: Acting rector for scientific and pedagogical King II, Admission Department secretary of the selection committee Horvat PP, acting Dean of the faculty Rosca MM.

2. Approval of admission to the State University "Uzhhorod National University" in 2015. Working Group: Acting rector for scientific and pedagogical King II, Admission Department secretary of the selection committee Horvat PP, Dean of the Faculty of Law and European Law Azure Y.

3. on the work and prospects of Natural and Humanities at University College. Working Group: Acting rector for scientific and pedagogical and educational work Sandor FF, director VV Rosoha College, Dean of Humanities and Natural Sciences Faculty of the Hungarian language learning OO Shpenyk.

4. On the process of accreditation and licensing areas and specialties in the university. Working Group: Acting rector for scientific and pedagogical and educational work Sandor FF, Head of Educational Department Bilak PI, Head of Legal Department Tymchak V.

5. Miscellaneous.
Deadline materials for consideration by the Academic Council of State University "uzhnu" November 27, 2014 (in accordance with the Rules of the Academic Council):to 21.11.2014 p. - for planned and current issues; to 11.17.2014 p. - benchmark cases applicants for academic ranks and personnel issues. Scientific Secretary.

26 November

Roundtable on the faculty of international policy, management and business on the anniversary of the Holodomor victims

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Holodomor victims faculty of international politics, business management and organizing a round table on "Echo genetic injury Holodomor in Ukrainian contemporary, international political, organizational and legal consequences" Date - 26 November.
Home - at 13:00.
Venue - Conference Room "green" housing uzhnu (st. Zankovetskoy, 89 / b).