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Need some help? Drop a message below and our Admission Department shall respond within next 6 hours.

Double Degree Program

Pomeranian University

Pomeranian University in Słupsk (Słupsk, Poland)

Pomeranian University in Słupsk is a modern state European University with an experienced academic staff. On June, 20, 2014, an agreement on cooperation between Uzhhorod National University and Pomeranian University in Słupsk was signed, which will provide an opportunity for uzhnu students to study and receive education in Poland higher educational institution at the same time.
Students from different specialties have an opportunity:
  • Free of charge study during one semester at the Pomeranian University;
  • Studying for double degree bachelor's programme, after which each of the participants will receive double degree diplomas: Ukrainian and Polish;
  • Studying for master's programme at the Pomeranian University on the base of received bachelor's degree in uzhnu;
  • To participate in European grant programmes, which will be realized by partner universities.
Our university will provide maximum visa support and will promote its students in obtaining basic knowledge of Polish language. All details of the study at the Pomeranian University can be found here. Etvesh Lorand University

Etvesh Lorand University (Hungary)

According to the geographical neighbourhood, ancient historical ties of Transcarpathian region and Hungary, inhabitants' knowledge of Hungarian language in Transcarpathian region and other factors of such relations are especially effective. On 18 faculties of uzhnu study over 700 students of Hungarian nationality and more than 500 students from Hungary, who have ability, beginning with entrance exams, to use their own language. Special attention deserves cooperation between Uzhhorod National University and Etvesh Lorand University, where annually students from our university were directed for semester study. Thus, for example, in 2012-2013 20 students of different faculties from our university studied at the Etvesh Lorand University. After many years, cooperation has reached a new level, especially since the signing of a bilateral cooperation agreement provides double degree programs. After receiving a Bachelor's degree diploma, uzhnu graduates have an opportunity to get a Master's degree diploma at the Etvesh Lorand University under existing regulations. University of Presov in Presov

University of Presov in Presov (Slovak Republic)

University of Presov is a classic Slovak University with a long-established traditions and modern European standards of education. Сooperation between uzhnu and the University of Presov lasts for many years. In February, 2014 there was re- signing of agreements between partners, according to which uzhnu students of Slovak Philology have the opportunity to carry out semester study and pass learning and pre-degree training at Slovak University. In general, during the last academic year about 25 students of our institution studied and completed their practical training at Presov University.